The multi-talented LA-based singer-songwriter blends dreamy vocals with R&B beats in captivating new single.

Anna margo
Anna margo

A one-woman operation, Anna Margo is the multi-talented singer-songwriter captivating listeners with her melodic vocals. Classically trained as a pianist and producer, the rising star is determined and dynamic, her debut project echoing her unique ethos. “It’s so important to be self-sufficient — especially as a new artist in this industry. So, I’m trying to create a distinct sound you’ll catch immediately and know it’s me” she explains. Raised by musical parents, Margo is quick to point out the undeniable influence of her creative upbringing. “They played me music to put me to sleep or calm me down, and I even danced before I could walk” she remembers. Swapping Chopin for Celine Dion, she later found her voice by blending classical influences with soulful vocals, settling on the unique sound she is now known for.

Her latest single “Know You”, tells the story of a woman growing through the pandemic, turning to music-making as a way to deal with the anxiety and depression that she felt unable to express in any other way. Raised in LA, Margo is of Armenia descent and explains that the topic of mental health is still taboo within her community, causing her to turn to music as an accesible outlet for her pain. “My way of communicating was music. Even though the music is so personal and specific to my experience, I hope it’s universal. The only way I was able to understand my life was after I wrote these songs.”

The latest in a line of confessional masterpieces, “Know You” blends a powerful vocal performance with a melodic orchestra, creating a swell of emotion and poignantly pointing to an undeniable sense of yearning. Written from the perspective of someone comfortable alone, it is the wistful anthem for anyone who has sought company in solitude and experienced disappointment at the hands of someone else.

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