The artist releases poignant new single featuring emotional voicemails left by fans and friends 

might delete later
might delete later

Might Delete Later is on a mission to weave a human narrative into electronic dance music. Earlier this year, she welcomed fans and friends to dial her voicemail, with free reign to leave an emotionally-infused message that she would incorporate into tracks to come. Might Delete Later’s new release “I’ve Been There” is the third single in this unique project, which sensitively navigates through her subject’s voicemails, layering spoken excerpts with modular synthesisers, percussion instruments, rolling drums and electronic effects. 

The project began with a voicemail a loved one sent the artist. The two were overwhelmed by sadness as they exchanged their thoughts and frustrations about the world. “The closures, wars and other crappy things. Sometimes it’s just too much. You start hyperventilating, and don’t know what to do. You go to the bathroom and start crying,” shares Might Delete Later. The desire to affirm that we’re all in this together inspired the continuation of the project. “We’ve all experienced that. And this song is a message to everybody out there. “You’re not alone, we’ve all been there,” and that’s exactly why I had to make a song out of this voicemail.”  

Might Delete Later is a counterpart of the artist and producer Madara’s split musical personality which consists of two aliases, MDL and ANNNA. Madara hopes to transform the everyday experiences of being human into techy, dance music. In “I’ve Been There” that’s exactly what she does.