The post-punk Parisian band releases visuals for their new single ahead of upcoming album launch.

Iñigo Montoya Totem
Iñigo Montoya Totem

Ambient from the get-go, Iñigo Montoya’s new single “Totem” is an exciting fusion of post-punk synths and orchestral pop. Ironically commenting on possible futures, the lyrics (which are in French) describe a dystopian world where social progress is replaced by technological developments in fast-paced Paris.

The track is accompanied by a colourful animated video which journeys through a utopian paradise of green pastures, mountainous terrains and blue skies, flush with free-roaming animals. As the video progresses, sloganed memes, adverts, subscription suggestions abrade the landscape referring to the technological terrestrial the Parisian band touch on in their lyrics. The video was made by visual artists, Zeugl, who were nominated for an award for the video for Iñigo Montoya’s “Chasseur Chassé”. 

Having released a handful of EPs and Maxis, the vibrant group are known for their upbeat, electronic tracks. Iñigo Montoya are set to release the rest of their highly anticipated album in early December.

Head below to step into Iñigo Montoya’s digi-world…