The Californian pop-rock trio debuts relatable new single in light of ten-year anniversary of breakout hit, “Sunset Blvd”.


Emblem3 found their humble beginnings on the worldwide TV sensation ‘The X-Factor’. In 2012, the trio were launched into stardom through their success on the show, and since then they have never looked back. Instantaneously booking sell-out shows across Asia, Europe, and the US – their earworm melodies and musical fortitude no doubt resonate with countless fans around the globe. The triad started making music in their basement, where they slowly but surely built up the courage to perform at schools, and ultimately on stages across LA.

This year marks the ten-year anniversary since their explosive hit “Sunset Blvd” drew listeners in with their infectious pop-rock magic. This new track, “Rush”, builds on the sonic foundation that the group has built, while veering into some unexplored territory. Staying true to its name, this new single feels like a “rush” of adrenaline. The track opens in a blaze; intertwining guitars are underpinned by arpeggiated synths, which are brought together by the trio’s cool-as-a-breeze vocals. It’s vivid, and feels alive – and we’re glad to see that after ten years this vibrant trio hasn’t lost its mojo.

About the coming together of the song Wesley reflects, “(It happened) real fast… Drew just picked up guitar and played the first thing that came to mind while Keaton was engineering and slapping together the pieces. Next we went onto crafting the lyrics and from there it was basically just a really effortless, fun, and natural process! We always love with that happens.”

The fun that Emblem3 had while making this track emanates into our ears, all in all making for a song that we can’t stop hitting replay on.

Head below to hear Emblem3’s vibrant new single…