The skincare brand offers nourishment and replenishment via seaweed, straight from the Irish coast.

hibernicis skincare
hibernicis skincare

“I have always been particularly passionate about natural skincare and body care,” says Catherine Logue, founder of Hibernicis. She couples the passion with one for her home, Ireland, and specifically, rural Connemara in County Galway where she currently resides when she’s not travelling the world. “For me Ireland is an incredibly beautiful land with a fascinating and complex history,” Logue says. And, Hibernicis, her range of skincare, named after the Latin translation of ‘Ireland’ is devoted to capturing the sanctity of the island’s natural realm.

Seaweed emerges as a salient ingredient in the range, which borrows from an array of natural resources found on the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Ireland’s coasts. Comprising five products, Glan Bath + Shower Gel, Úr Exfoliating Gel, Sioda Body Serum, Athlíon Body Lotion and Cara Hand Cream, luxuriating in Hibernicis’ products embodies the unparalleled cleansing sensation of a day on a balmy Irish beach.

Taking their names from the Gaelic language, Hibernicis’ products are an encapsulation not only of Ireland’s natural serenity but its storied cultural and linguistic traditions. Genderless, universally appropriate for all skin types, and imbued only with natural aromas – Hibernicis makes sublime skincare a reality for anyone.

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