The Oslo artist wants you to live in the moment and let yourself go.

Born and based in Oslo, Norway, DARKOWA grew up online. Having the world at her fingertips, meant that she was able to explore the vast world of music. A master at genre-bending, her goth-meets-Y2K R&B aesthetic and sugar-dipped sounds draw from multi-layered fashions and music genres like SoundCloud Rap and Hyper Pop.

Her latest release “All Up in My Head” infuses seductive vocals with a dream-like futuristic melody. As we so often find ourselves overthinking and probably taking everything too seriously, DARKOWA reminds us that though “we can never get enough”, we must release ourselves from our inhibitions through the track’s melody and underlying breakbeat pulse.

“All Up in My Head” is yet another ethereal and uplifting track. A guaranteed danceable track, this song is ripe for fans of internet-generative, club-infused pop music.

Head below to listen to “All Up In My Head” for yourself, right now…