The Neo-soul singer’s new track is a melancholic tribute to the trying times of recent years.

Toby Corton Roll With It
Toby Corton Roll With It

Providing an insight into the singer’s lockdown-fuelled haze, “Roll With It” perfectly encapsulates Corton’s sound – “a modern British take on neo-soul”, the artist’s clear vocals and frank lyrics providing a thoughtful insight into his mind. Kicking off with lulling melodies, Corton bares his thoughts to the listener, describing burning bunches just to numb the feelings I can’t speak of while grainy close-crops of retro roller skates bring a dreamy quality to the track’s visuals, expertly capturing the sense of confusion and lack of cohesion amplified by recent global events. Working in tandem, the audio and visuals mesh together to bring us into Corton’s world as the artist lulls us with his laments.

“Just Go With it” is bittersweet, Corton subtly offering up a mantra for the modern age and reassuring us there is always a way to create space and move forwards despite the obstacles. Brimming with relatable ruminations, the track is sure to worm its way into your consciousness with its gentle reverberations and soulful feel.

Head below to immerse yourself in Corton’s world…