The LA-born, Brooklyn-based alt-pop artist talks the release of her sophomore EP.

eva rose
eva rose

Think along the lines of Olivia Rodrigo, with that nostalgic Y2K-era alt-rock that never fails to have you in your feelings. Well, that’s what newcomer on the block Eva Rose is bringing to the table and we’re here for it! This new release is her second EP, and it’s a feat of whimsy melodic madness. Living up to the Virgo name, this “Final Girl” is the ultimate slasher. Balancing time between being a model-student-singer-songwriter AND astrologer, she’s our type of girl.

“Everything You Wish For” showcases Rose’s sophisticated musical references. Encompassing a vast soundscape – from shimmery indie-pop, to grittier alt-rock – the artist’s love for OG’s like Paramore is really brought to the surface. Throughout the EP, dreamy, multi-layered guitars are underpinned by funky disco-esque basslines. Drawing from horror cinema, Rose uses the figuration of the ‘final girl’ as a metaphor to communicate the feeling of rising above one’s fears and living to tell the tale – and we’re glad that she did! We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the artist to discuss all things love, loss, and her EP. This new project definitely cements Rose as one to watch and we’re looking forward to seeing what else she cooks up in the future.

Head below to take a peek into Eva Rose’s whirring mind…

Eva Rose · Everything You Wish For

Hey Eva Rose! First of all, what are you most looking forward to today?

Honestly, I’m looking forward to finally completing some things off of my check-list (just Virgo things).

Congratulations on the upcoming release of “Everything You Wish For”! As a sophomore project, did you feel any follow-up pressure?

Thank you! When I started working on my first EP, I didn’t even intend on it being a project, it just kind of came together by accident. If anything, I actually feel much more confident with this upcoming project because my producer and co-writer, Dominic Florio, and I went into the process with a lot more intention. Sure there’s a bit of pressure around wanting a project to represent the best of your work, but now that I have gotten my feet wet, jumping into the water doesn’t feel as scary.

Where do we find you in the Eva Rose journey with “Everything You Wish For”?

In this project, the journey I’m on revolves around looking back at the path behind me. Most of the songs take place from a point of self-reflection, nostalgia and wishful thinking, so the journey is definitely internal. As of today, I’m definitely focusing more on looking forward!

What’s something that fans of your first EP might not expect from this one?

The focal point of my last EP was the ending of a relationship and I think what’s a little more exciting about this project is it covers more ground in terms of subject matter. There’s also more sonic range, for example one track “Centerfold” leans much grungy indie-rock, whereas the most recent single off this EP “Final Girl” has elements of funk and disco.

Hailing from LA, you now live in Brooklyn. How have you found that transition?

I’ll be honest, when I first moved to New York the transition was very tough for me. However, after spending 5 years here, I’ve definitely fallen in love with the city. There’s an element of chaos that I’ve grown comfortable with. I do sometimes crave the easy-breeziness of LA and obviously the sunshine, but I feel like everyone at some point in their 20s needs to experience living here.

We read that you’re also a student, as well as a singer, songwriter, model, and TikTok astrologer. With so many strings to your bow, do you have any tips for juggling all these creative pursuits at once?

After a year of juggling all these pursuits, I’m still looking for tips myself. As much as I’m someone who desires structure and planning, the lifestyle requires the acceptance that sometimes an entire day you had scheduled will be disrupted by a single opportunity. For example, on days where I don’t have sessions planned I’ll map out my schedule for recording and readings, but sometimes my agent will text me saying I have to go to a casting or last minute job with an hour’s notice. You just have to be on your toes and always prepared.

If you could sum up the project in three words, what would they be?

Nostalgic, hopeful, and introspective.

The project’s called “Everything You Wish For”, but what are you wishing for at this very moment?

At this very moment I’m wishing for those who are meant to hear this music to find it and hear themselves in the songs. I think that’s all an artist could really wish for.


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