One of the highlights of the Spanish fashion calendar has passed once again, here are the best moments from its 2022 edition…

As night falls on flagship European fashion event, 080 Barcelona, for another year, Spanish shores have proven themselves once again as a mecca of fashion innovation. Showcased across mesmerising collections of womenswear, menswear and genderless garments, vibrant palettes, decadent ruffles, and icy streetwear were among the style motifs we caught on the runway.

Never ones to shy away from a best bits rundown, we’ve compiled our favourite looks from the catwalk for you to devour, without having to jet off to Barça in the process, although, we wouldn’t blame you if you did.

However, head below to enjoy front-row seats from the comfort of your own home, right now…

Menchen Tomas

The womenswear brand, helmed by Barcelonian fashion designer Olga Menchén who previously made garments for theatre, cinema and television presented collection, “The Rat Pack” at this year’s event. A homage to the actors and musicians of the ‘50s and ‘60s, her designs, manufactured exclusively in Spain, blended sartorial cuts, bold colouring, glitz and even fedora hats.


40 years into the fashion game, the avant-garde brand platformed exploration in its “Nomad” collection. Inspired by fearless, inquisitive women, the collection was a fiesta of outerwear with pastel puffer jackets, suede macs and all-out quilts on the runway. A new dimension of winter dressing was unveiled, and it’s safe to say we’ll be channelling that energy as we make our winter wardrobe updates.


Storied brand Escorpion was responsible for some of the most vibrant fits’ on the 080 runway this year. Their “Euphoria” collection was a pure encapsulation of the word, led by daring colour combos, haphazard pairings and glorious juxtapositions. Tartans, sequins, feathers and shine, the brand really brought the sun to its SS23 collection.


The genderless designer brought a collection of post-modern utility inspired by outdoor pursuits. Playing with classic workwear jacket cuts and sailor-wear from yesteryear, in hues akin to that of the ocean floor and rocky South American terrains, the collection was a symbol of the brand’s history. Delivering wearable, slick, functional fashion, with endless stories, MARTÍN ACROSS captivated attendees on their runway yet again.


After presenting in 2018 and 2019 at the MBFW Madrid and showing collections in London and Madrid, Reveligion landed in Barcelona with their “Outsider” collection. Decadent ruffling, floating gowns and gossamer fabrics typified this collection, with a moodboard led by sea breezes and the beauty of natural landscapes.

eikō ai

Central Saint Martins graduate, Gloria Lladó, brought brand eikō ai to Spanish territory with her “Underwater” collection for 080 Fashion Week. Borrowing from the fantasy of the deep-sea realm, the brand brought minimal, ethereal elegance, characterised by soft satins, warm glitter, ruffles, jacquard and breezy fabrics to the catwalk. Turquoise, lavender, silver, pink and neutral shades dominated the colour palette in this dreamy fashion escape.

Txell Miras

The award-winning Barcelona brand brought geometrics in abundance with “Vanishing Points”. Playing with shapes and contrasting vertical lines comprised strong pillars throughout the garments, rich tones like chocolate, mustard, camel, stone, black and red stole the show.


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