The Norwegian four-piece are back with a new single ahead of debut album, Oslo Park.


“[‘A Show of Hands’] is a song about loneliness,” VEPS says. It pays homage to those who yearn for the party to never end, and the collective joy to never dissolve. “It’s about wanting to do more than just what you’re used to, but feeling like you’re missing a puzzle piece,” the band explain. “The narrator of the song is desperately trying to get the others to understand that this is not the time to go home.” The quartet hone in on the party’s potential for escapism, for numbing the stresses of the week, and the melancholy many can feel when it’s time to let the night go.

However, through their musical lexicon of infectious indie-pop hooks and relatable lyricism, “A Show of Hands” has as many moreish qualities as pensive reflection. Helena Mariero Olasveengen (keys/vocals), June K. Urholt (bass), Laura Dobson (guitar/vocals) & Maja B. Berge (drums) accompany the release with a DIY video, which depicts a party filmed in Laura’s basement, with the band pursuing the comfort of the night and fighting off a return to all that’s entailed in the sober light of day.

Professionally, the party would appear to be never-ending, however, for VEPS, who played their first headline UK tour this year, were featured as an Artist of the Week by BBC Radio 6 Music, and played copious amounts of festivals over the summer.

Head below to join the VEPs hype right now, by watching the “Show of Hands” video…