The American Idol finalist paves his own way with his smooth new EP, “Motel California”.

Singer-songwriter Jonny West has always marched to the beat of his own drum, and in his new release “Motel California”, he proves that this will remain the case, as he lays his heart bare in a feat of passion, euphoria, and angst. Garnering worldwide attention from his appearance on American Idol, through which he placed top three, West has always made a point of doing things his own way.

Now free from the constraints of television, “Motel California” allows West to rise to new heights. We’re graced with his hands-on approach to creation – not just with his sound, but with the help of accompanying visuals too. The EP’s opening track, “Holyfield”, draws the listener in with West’s soothing voice, building synths, and a funky foot-tapping bassline to boot; the soaring visuals draw us further and further into the evocative and poignant world that he’s building. Other tracks like “Back and Forth” feature gliding, almost blown-out guitars, that perfectly encapsulate the daze of heartache.

In an age where insincerity is to be expected, West’s daring pursuit of vulnerability through his work resonates with fans globally, making it well worth a listen.

Head below to give the new EP a listen…