The two-piece set pulses rising as they drop their 13-track effort.

Just ten seconds into streaming VUKOVI’s hotly released album, NULA, the duo make one fact vehemently clear: their music sits comfortably in the extreme. From ethereal choir intros that evoke an extraterrestrial feel to bass interludes so intense they drill through your spinal cord, NULA can be considered a walk through the multifaceted journey of VUKOVI so far. Blending their influences of metal, rock, pop, punk and electronics, the punching riffs and chest-pounding hi-hats create a listening experience that spans far beyond the usual artist-to-fan relation, instead creating a soundscape that moves in a way that cannot be scribed in words.

Elaborating further on this, the two-piece explain, “NULA is a concept record, but though it’s telling a story, what’s really going on is beneath that I’m finding a way to talk about myself. I don’t find it very easy to talk about myself…”

Building nail-biting tension, “Tainted” lights a fire that sits at the precipice of VUKOVI, quickly maintained by the unwavering tempo of “QUENCH”. Featuring the adored “I EXIST”, the 13-track album ensures that every surface is left trembling from their thunderous yet powerful sound. To celebrate the release, we sat with the band to discuss the making of the album, their personal favourite tracks and what is next for the both of them. To stream the album and for the full interview, head below now…

What has this year been like for you so far? Do any particular highlights spring to mind?
In terms of releasing music, it’s been the best reception we’ve had to date, we’ve felt a lot more confident in our songwriting abilities and more comfortable in our own skin. We’ve both grown a lot as people and I think that shines through in this album.
My highlight was probably getting the hottest record in the world on Radio 1 for “I EXIST” which always seemed like an impossible achievement for us.

Let’s start with how the two of you met… What was that like? And when did you decide to start making music together?
I got chucked out of my first-ever band for being a girl the week before I met Hamish. I always felt that the stars had aligned for our meeting as the timing was perfect.
Hamish was in a band with a guy I went to school with and asked me if I wanted to come “jam” with them cos they needed a singer. I turned up with this huge keyboard plunking out pretty chords under Hamish riffs. I think our personal songwriting quirks just sort of clicked and there was some beauty in us both not having a fucking clue what we were doing and more leading on primal instincts.

How did you come up with the name VUKOVI?
We google translated Wolves because the boys were currently named that and the Serbian translation seemed to hit a note with us.

What is most important to you as artists when you are making music?
Doing what we want and not being led by what’s cool or how we’ll fit in.

And if you had to describe your sound with one word, what would it be?

Congratulations on the release of NULA! What was your favourite part about creating this album?
Thank you! Having more belief in ourselves and really pushing our boundaries.

Did you encounter any struggles during the process?
Money predominantly and we had a lot less time because it was a six-month lead time for vinyl manufacturing so the album basically had to be ready six months in advance.

And Janine, was the album a way for you to “talk about yourself”? What prompted you to take the effort in such a personal direction?
I wouldn’t say it was to “talk about myself”, it was a way for me to exorcise and let go of a lot of trauma I’ve had in my life and turn it into an empowering message of strength, healing, growth and resilience. I don’t want it to be all about me, I want it to give people hope.

Do you have a favourite track from the album? And do you both usually agree on favourite tracks or are they different?
Hamish’s is “TAINTED” and mine is probably “SAD” or “LASSO”, we’re both extremely attached to every track on that album so we’re both pretty laid back when it comes to picking singles.

What do you hope people can take away from the track?
Empowering music to f**k to.

And what’s next for the two of you?
We hope to progress Vukovi into an international band rather than just a UK band.


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