The viral singer-songwriter proves he’s much more than just a transient internet sensation on latest single.

Reyn Hartley
Reyn Hartley

On Reyn Hartley’s murky “Stackin’ By The Plenty” he tackles an ingrained but unhealthy emotional coping mechanism. “I learned in therapy that I can tell myself that people who have hurt me just don’t care about me,” he says of the track. “So with “Stackin’ By The Plenty” I’m protecting myself from the pain of two people loving each other and not being able to be together. That’s the worst kind of pain.”

The introspection he commits to sees his songwriting and vocal abilities enter new frontiers, as he prepares to release upcoming debut album Georgia. It bodes well for the artist who has been said to meld the retro country rock of Johnny Cash and the contemporary production stylings of Post Malone, with vocals that sink to impossible-seeming pitches and puncturing lyricism, alongside intoxicating production that sees him at once timeless and exhibiting a vision built for tomorrow.

His appeal to today’s listeners is exemplified by the virality of recent track “Bow”, with a trend on TikTok in which users soundtracked videos on their favourite scenes from movies and books, with Hartley’s track.

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