The LA-based, Korean-American artist talks latest single “Superwoman”

Bella Lee
Bella Lee

Bella Lee’s musical journey has been a long time in the making. “I started playing piano at the age of four,” she tells us below. She found her favourite instrument, the harp, aged seven. “My mum was a harpist, so she gave me the opportunity to train with the best harpists – Seoul Philharmonic Rana Park and USC’s JoAnn Turovsky.” But it was age ten the artist found her “truest instrument” – “my voice.”

She started singing to Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears songs for three to four hours a day, in her room. It’s this schooling that perhaps explains the pop prowess that’s seemingly second nature to the star-in-the-making today, as flexed more than ever on latest single “Superwoman”. An infectious track about the unstoppable power of womanhood, inspired by those Lee sees around her. It’s brought to life in a fantasy-esque music video that sees Lee explore Cali’ sand dunes – an ideal scenario if you ask us.

Head below to enter the world of Bella Lee right now and read our chat with the singer, right now…

Hi Bella, how are you doing today? Where are we speaking to you from right now?
I’m doing pretty good! I’m in my apartment in West Hollywood, CA sipping on warm Rooibos tea.

I want to talk about your beginnings in music, what is your earliest memory of music?
Wow. I started playing the piano at age four, then ballet, then I found “my” instrument, the harp, at age seven. My mum was a harpist, so she gave me the opportunity to train with the best harpists (Seoul Philharmonic’s Rana Park and USC’s JoAnn Turovsky). Then I found my truest instrument, my voice, at age 10. I started singing to Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey for three-four hours every day, performed to Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child songs in my room. I grew up listening to 90s-00s K-Pop and that’s how I found my forever path.

Congratulations on the release of “Superwoman”! What was the recording process like behind this track? Talk us through your time spent in the studio recording this!
Merci, merci. I wrote this song with two amazing producers in Studio City. A very talented producer, Dillon Pace Rodriguez from Staten Island, and another super producer/writer S7evon Daze from Atlanta. We just had this natural synergy and wrote some of my favourite songs together, whether it was for me or other artists. The song just came together.

The song is said to be inspired by the strong women of today! Who is one woman that is inspiring you right now? And, why?
There are so many amazing women that inspire me, like Kate Moss, Peggy Gou, and Rihanna in different ways, but Sarah Andelman is a big inspiration to me. When I first walked into Colette, in Paris, every single thing in the store was electric and magical. I value her humbleness, taste, curation, and appreciation for all creatives. And I would love to meet her one day.

Talk to us about your time spent working on the stunning video for this track amongst the sand dunes of California! What was it like working alongside Dominik Czaczyk on this?
This was my second time working with Dominik. I was amazed by the location he scouted. I’ve been begging him to work with me again. He’s meticulous and makes everything look cinematic. He rented the craziest equipment, like the same lens that is used in Marvel films.

What is the message that you want women listening to this song to take away from it when listening?
I want women to feel like their own versions of “Superwoman”. Infused with Sailor Moon, Barbie, or whatever they are. I also want men to feel safe from our presence and know that they’re not alone in protecting their loved ones. Gender-neutrally speaking, I want people of all ages, races, and sexualities to feel empowered to be able to do whatever they want, because they can.

What is one song you are listening to on repeat at the moment?
I’m currently obsessed with FLO and they’re on repeat on my Apple Music. To answer the question better, “Cardboard Box,” if I must pick one song. I’ve always been obsessed with MNEK, and of course, he has been collaborating with them on their songs. I actually met him once, so shout out to MNEK.

Do you have a dream collaborator that you’d love to jump into the studio with?
Clearly, my dream collaborator is MNEK. If you guys can make that happen, I’ll get myself a roundtrip ticket to London.

Aside from this exciting release, what else are you looking forward to this year?
After this project is released, I look forward to my next projects but also my solo trip to Paris to see Christine and the Queens at Cirque d’Hiver in November. She’s also a big inspiration and I love her.


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