The London-based songwriter and producer shares the captivating second single from her upcoming EP.

Paige Bea
Paige Bea

“I could put you on a loop and never get bored / You could run me over in a 4×4,” Paige Bea sings on her latest single, named after the four-wheeled drive. The rose-tinted, early days of love merit such a fanatical declaration. “It’s an ode to the twisted honeymoon period after you first meet someone mesmerising,” she explains. “When you feel yourself falling hard and fast for someone and have the dark realisation you’d probably be happy to lose large parts of yourself to be with them.”

Influenced by alternative artists like Tirzah, Caroline Polachek, and James Blake, Bea’s sound evolution so far culminates in upcoming EP, “Goodbye, Then!” which explores the emotional minefield that being in a relationship presents. The EP is accompanied by visuals, equally as hyperbolic as the content of “4×4”’s lyrics. In the single’s cover, Bea fakes her own death, and for latest track “Melt”, she was seen experiencing a ritualistic rebirth. A hearty diet of horror movies during the lockdowns of recent years are attributed with inspiring the direction, with The Invisible Man, The Witch and Fatal Attractionall apparently on the artist’s watch-list.

Head below to take in the expansive world of Paige Bea by watching the “4×4” visualiser, right now…