The R&Drill pioneer speaks on the importance of self-care, immersing yourself into the world and the key to creativity.

In this collaboration series with Relentless Energy, Wonderland sits down with four talents on the rise to discuss their journeys to the helm of London’s creative sphere, and what the concept of living Without Limits means to them.

Of any profession, there is one that is particularly demanding of one’s own energy bank: music. Pre-disposed to dig deep into her energy reserves to create awe-inspiring tracks, Shaé Universe is best known for her powerful charisma, infectious energy and impenetrable optimism — a combination that not only makes her the ultimate match for Relentless Energy, a drinks brand that believes in the power of living without limits, but also positions her as a sizeable role model for her fans.

Yet what so many often forget, is that even those we look up to for motivation, elation and creativity can often find themselves lacking — a sentiment that is ironically explored within Shaé’s latest single, “Give Me A Break”. As a figure who allows herself to delve deep into her emotions as opposed to running from them, Shaé uses her personal struggles to charge a riptide of soul-soaked lyrics and compelling melodies. “The day I wrote ‘Give Me A Break’, I was out in LA and I was having such a stressful morning. I came into the studio blacked out from head to toe, hooded up and super anti because I was in a bad mood. I almost didn’t go actually but I pushed through and now, upon reflection, I’m super glad I did. Whether you’re working out your frustrations in the gym or just struggling to start your day on a positive note, this song is the one. It’s okay to give yourself a break and let it all out.”

While her music may well remedy our own mental blocks, we sat with Shaé Universe to understand the person behind the antidote — discovering what it takes to become a pioneer for the positive, and what it truly means to inspire creativity and live life to the fullest. Head below for the full interview now…

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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
The first thing that I do in the morning is pray.

And what does the concept of living without limits mean to you personally?
That’s a loaded question. But Living without limits to me means just being free and accepting yourself, not caring about what other people think of you, and doing what makes you happy.

When do you feel your most crazy and is that the same time as when you feel your most energised or do you feel energised at different points?
I feel my most energised when I’ve had adequate sleep and good meal to eat. That’s definitely when I feel most creative. Honestly, I feel most creative when I have pent up emotions about whatever it might be, whether it’s happy emotions or sad emotions. I always create my best work when it’s fuelled by emotion.

And what advice would you give to someone who might be like struggling to find that creativity and that inspiration in their life right now?
The advice that I would give to somebody who’s trying to you find reativity within themselves is to unplug and actually take a step back from social media and all these fast-paced influences. That can actually do a lot and can help you to hear your own internal voice a bit louder. I would advise unplugging, taking a step back from socials and just living in the real world. You know, go for a walk, look around, see what you have around in your area, things like that.

So many people seek out inspiration, so I think it’s great that you step back instead. So when you yourself are struggling, do you go to a particular place or person when you need that inspiration and motivation?
Again, I’m quite a spiritual person. So if I’m really down bad, I will go to God first and foremost, and just spend some time with God meditating. And I usually feel significantly better after that. But I’m generally outside of like prayer and stuff. I think when I’m looking for inspiration, I also do tend to unplug, it’s usually one or the other. It’s either like I don’t talk and will just completely disconnect myself or I do a deep dive into some of my oldest albums that I used to love but haven’t listened to in a long time. Sometimes going back to things that inspired you originally can help you to respond to something, for sure.

Speaking of old albums, have there ever been times in your past where you’ve struggled to find inspiration? Within your past projects, were there times where you struggled and had to pull yourself out? And if so, how did you do it?
There definitely has been times that I’ve struggled with my creativity. And honestly, it’s been a process that I’ve had to navigate through. Sometimes I’ve just had to let myself feel what I’m feeling and just not force it because you know sometimes, especially as a music artist, if I’m struggling to be creative, which is literally what my occupation is, that’s my living, it can be very frustrating and might cause a lot of anxiety. You almost feel like “Oh my gosh, have I lost my mojo, is it gonna come back?” But it’s always there. You know, it’s a gift, it’s a calling. So it’s always going to be there. I think sometimes I just need to relax. I know it sounds so generic, but I feel like I definitely am at my best when I’m relaxed.

And despite your wanting to relax, your energy still comes across, it’s undeniable. Would you say there is pressure there to play up to that facade all the time?
That is such a good question. You know what, I would say I don’t feel pressure to live up to an image, but what I will say is all of my supporters or people that listen to my music is to just know who I am as an artist and what I represent. They all see me as somebody that represents light and positivity and always at the good things. I think sometimes having people look at me or look up to me in that way definitely makes it a bit more difficult for me to share my down days or days when I don’t necessarily feel so great because I feel like people expect that of me. So I don’t know if that’s necessarily playing up to an image but I definitely feel like when I am going through or having worst days I tend to withdraw as opposed to sharing that also with them. So that’s something I’m working on.


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