The revolutionary photography possibilities at the Hackney studios are on full display in this editorial, OCEAN.NOIR.

Indra Studios in Hackney have long proven itself as one of the go-to options in the capital for visual multi-media services. Working with everyone from cutting-edge creatives to industry brands at the forefront of their field, their three-studio, East London complex is the nucleus of various visual content that we see every day, from TV, marketing, editorial, promotional, and product photography.

The option of daylight and blackout photography, 24-hour access, on-site crew, security, and disability access, make them a practical option for both small and large-scale projects, as well as an obvious one when it comes to aesthetics.

The studio’s new editorial OCEAN.NOIR, showcases the potential housed at the state-of-the-art facility, in the captivating collection of coastal-set photos. Elegance, etherealism, and stillness cut through in the collection of images, which epitomises how shooting at Indra see an infinite number of worlds at the creator’s fingertips.

The project is a collaboration between Nora Orthorfer and names including Taras Stashchak and Anastasiya Debono. Inspired by the movement and depth of the ocean and its capacity for life, the shoot illuminates the emotion, courage, and braveness at the heart of the natural element, envisioned via minimalist hair and makeup and lighting, signifying both its pureness and power. Additionally, the studio has also been working with economical products such as Ringana and Kevin Murphy to draw emphasis on the nature of the ocean and its natural beauty.

Head below to see the possibilities of Indra Studios, for yourself, by escaping into the entrancing world of Ocean Noir pictures, shot with the studios recently and head to indrastudios.com to discover moreā€¦

Creative direction by
Nora Orthofer
Photography by
Taras Stashchak
Anastasiya Debono
Hair and makeup by
Nora Orthofer using Ringana brand with Kevin Murphy
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