The Memphis-based, alt-folk artist shares second single from upcoming album.

Aaron James
Aaron James

Aaron James’ forthcoming album, Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore, sees the alt-folk singer-songwriter delve into the notoriously expansive topic of love, meaning that sad girl summer just got an official extension. Via 13 tracks, the record spans the gamut of sensations love can engender, from sadness to anger, contemplation, and of course, optimism and joy. On latest tender, no-frills cut “Ghost”, it’s longing and bewilderment that are centre stage, as he details the modern tale of being ghosted by a love interest.

“I was in a relationship with my phone for a whole year,” he explains. Contrasting the digital dynamic of said relationship, he sings in the track: “I sent you a note, in a bottle but you didn’t read it,” highlighting the visceral pain of this cold but common 21st-century rejection.

The gentle production, led by the use of a vocoder, alongside James’ sincerely-spun lyrics, make for a sensitive, sombre response to this harsh incarnation of unrequited love. Ideal for fans of the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Sufjan Stevens.

Head below, right now, to bathe in the track and get a taste of Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore ahead of its release on November 4th…