The New Jersey-hailing indie rock star in the making shares debut EP.

Maddy Davis
Maddy Davis

Maddy Davis’ “MUD” EP sees the LA-based, New Jersey-hailing artist tackle coming-of-age through candid indie rock, interlaced with pop sensibilities – the perfect combo, right? Brought to life via instantly alluring stories, “MUD” journeys round the gamut of emotions that can only be expected when navigating our youth, with young love, anxieties, rage, and questions presented in abundance. Not only does it lead the star in-waiting through the sinuous path of her own young adulthood, but equally, into the speakers of many a fan dealing with exactly the same challenges. From the self-critical track “Middle Kid”, to the infatuation-drenched carnage of “Sally! I Met A Boy”, to “Kinda Thought” – a plaintive account of losing someone you imagined would always be there – if you’ve made it past your teenage years, it’s almost impossible not to relate to one of the chronicles told in “MUD”.

“I wanted this project to serve as an open book to the public eye,” Davis explains. “I chose vulnerability when crafting this project, knocking down all of my walls – ones that I might not have even realized I was keeping up until I started putting pen to paper.”

Head below to learn all about the world of “MUD” right now, by watching Davis’ mini-docu-style exploration of the project…