The Creative Director explores the power of twinship for the Luxury Italian House’s new collection.

“To my twin mums, that were able to comprehend life only through the presence of the other,” signs Alessandro Michele as he introduces Gucci’s Twinsburg Collection. Inspired by the duplicity of love encasing him from his two mothers, Eralda and Giuliana, Alessandro Michele allowed his affinity for the double to run wild in a spellbinding collection — championed by the power of two, balance and equality.

From the printed fabric of floor-length dresses to the perfect symmetry of overcoats and blouses, Gucci builds an equilibrium in which each garment feeds the other, a harmony that is made all the more potent by their identical wearers who float down the runway. Seeping in symbolism, the graphics used throughout the collection echo the anthology curated by Carlo Antonelli and the collective Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, titled FUORI!, an acronym that translated to Revolutionary Homosexual Unitary Front, an association that fought for LGBT rights throughout the 70s and 80s.

Paying homage to this quintessential moment, the Equestrian Gucci bag is incorporated into multiple looks — a style hacked from its original archives in 1981. Fastened in opposing directions atop matching plaid blazers, its one-sided design disrupts the mirror-like image of each look, bringing Alessandro’s exploration of duplicity to new realms. Calling into question which look would be the ‘original’, Gucci opens a narrative about the power of fashion. When two identical models are dressed in identical clothing, disparities are still visible to the naked eye, a poignant depiction that while we must bind together in mutual respect and harmony, it is through fashion that we can remain individuals and maintain our own genuine expressions.

In the spirit of expression, the collection also sees a multiplicity of fabrics and cuts. Printing gremlin artwork onto luxury silk slips, matching coral two-pieces with tiger-striped tights, the Twinsburg Collection is a full-throttle examination of common creatural destiny, where our innate desires of co-belonging are set loose to run freely.

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