The indie-pop artist gets candid on her romantic new single.


Maris is laying her soul bare, and the proof is in “Heavenly Bodies”. A new tune forged out of introspection and an all-too-relatable whirlwind of emotions that is stirred up by a run-in with love, listeners are embraced by its warm sonic core, comprised of the perfect blend of pop and indie sensibilities dreamed up by the emerging artist. A debut cut from Maris’ upcoming EP, the new tune also hopes to set the tone of her most recent era, something that it does with ease as it becomes evident that it is shaping up to be her most musically intricate and lyrically honest one yet.

“‘Heavenly Bodies’ is about the rollercoaster of emotions in the unbalanced and intense first love I experienced in high school”, divulges Maris. “I was in love with this girl, and I existed at her beck and call. She would only hit me up when her boyfriend wasn’t talking to her, and I would happily let her pick me up (which felt like flying toward the sun), only to throw me down (coming back down to earth).”

Riding the wave of a recent 50+ show stint supporting Postmodern Jukebox on tour, it is clear that the artist is feeling re-invigorated and ready to take the next year by storm – something we cannot wait to witness!

To take your first listen to “Heavenly Bodies”, head below…