The Nashville-based singer-songwriter shares debut album centred around relatable relationship dramas.

The story of Maria Shockey’s debut record is on first glance, a very 2020s music industry story. She found inspiration for Composure after taking to TikTok to dissect her relationship troubles with her large following, garnering around 1.2 million likes and over 4 million viewers on her relatable content. The heartache and frustrations that formed her subject matter in those clips have been transmuted deftly into an equally appealing debut studio record from the singer-songwriter who’s only been releasing music since 2019.

However, despite it’s modern-day foundations, the soundscape of Composure captures the essence of the essential bubblegum pop of the noughties – à la Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Irrepressible hooks are spliced with that innate aptitude for storytelling Shockey flexed in those more informal TikTok surroundings, in a rounded pop record that takes in ballads, self-love jams, and even trap-inflected percussion.

Head below to lap all of the noughties-meets-2020s goodness for yourself, by listening to Composure right now…