The ethereal artist captivates with her haunting new feminine-centric cut.


The sonic effects of a single piano key can set a truly sombre tone in any tune. And, PRIESTESS’ “Holy Flesh” is proof of this. As the trickle of the piano commands attention, listeners are ushered into an out-of-this-world soundscape crafted by the London-hailing singer, one that alerts us to a set of haunting vocals and melancholic sensibilities galore, all of which culminate in the alt-pop masterpiece that is “Holy Flesh”.

Speaking on the new tune, PRIESTESS explains, “’Holy Flesh’ is about the sanctity within the feminine and the rage felt when violence in words and actions are inflicted against a person, when at the core they are a sacred being. It was written at a time when I felt ‘weak’ and undermined for showing emotion. For centuries, women have been made to feel like this and I wanted to write a song about that silent anger, which can often be left without anywhere to be released or placed within society. For the video concept, I wanted to create something similar to a Gothic Folk Horror short, using witchcraft and murder as the main themes.”

And, this is exactly what the rising talent achived with the cinematic visuals that accompany. As we watch the artist contort her bare body whilst laying about a deserted beach, it becomes clear that her artistry knows no bounds, making her one to watch out for in the coming months!

Head below to listen to “Holy Flesh” now…