The rising artist drops her pensive new tune along with an electric new visual display.


When looking to pen a tune drenched in emotion, many artists turn inwards. But, for Sabina Beyli, a close connection stands as the muse for her latest track “Daddy’s Daughter. With punky vocals leading the way, the 19-year-old artist ushers in a narrative that taps into the intricate link that bonds a father and daughter, one that can be as complicated as it can be wonderful.

“I feel like nowadays it’s extremely rare for people to have good and healthy relationships with their fathers. Although my own dad and I are close, growing up most of my friends and relatives had absent fathers so I wrote ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ based on the experience someone very close to me had growing up,” she explains. “Once getting the permission and approval prior to writing the track I knew that I had to be as transparent and as honest as I could. I wanted the lyrics to be straightforward yet a little secretive, I didn’t want to give everything away and I wanted to keep a little back to allow listeners to interpret the songs using their imaginations. The writing process of ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ was different to my previous releases as I wrote this song on Zoom with my producer Shane. I had already written 90% of the lyrics in my notes almost two years prior after certain events took place, Shane was quick to understand exactly what I wanted, and the track came to fruition organically from there. I honestly just hope that anyone who relates to this song knows that they’re strong, super cool and I love them.”

While a tender core is evident in the new tune, Beyli looked to ensure that a tinge of her signature darkness prevailed in its accompanying music video. With the artist’s punk-esque aesthetic on full display and a rock band, responsible for the track’s electric sensibilities, accompanying, it is made clear that the artist is a multi-facet deserving of your attention.

To stream “Daddy’s Daughter”, head below…