Fabien Frankel
Fabien Frankel

“I suppose that the main pressure just comes from wanting the fans to, you know, not hate our show. I just hope that people care in the same way they cared about Game of Thrones or the way that they care about any show, like, how I feel about GOT or Succession. I can’t help but feel so invested in these characters. So, if cousin Greg from Succession is having a bad day, it stresses me out, and I kind of hope that we have our own cousin Greg on this show!”

Covering our Autumn/Fall 2022 issue, the House of the Dragon star talks his role in the HBO behemoth, forming A-list friendships through insomnia, his upcoming film Venice At Dawn, and the time he went on a drugs bust with the NYPD…


Fabien Frankel wears fashion by Gucci
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Bartek Szmigulski
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Andrew Wright
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Charlie Cullen
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