The rising Canada star follows up the release of her sophomore EP with a brand new single.


Beckoned in by a chorus of light guitar strings, Ruby Waters welcomes us with “Open Arms” and raspy vocals in her brand new single. A cheerful track about taking each day as it comes and forfeiting the need to worry about things beyond our control, “Open Arms” is a beating heart of reassurance that celebrates the unknown as opposed to running from it. Made all the more comforting with a campfire-side-style melody, “Open Arms” encourages you to sway along to its steady flow — catapulting you as far away from your troubles as humanly possible.

“I wrote ‘Open Arms’ in Spain last spring at a songwriting camp I was lucky to be invited to. The song came so naturally. [It’s] about how I like to deal with shit, my outlets, and how to handle the ups and downs. It doesn’t always have to be a weakness or a problem to be depressed or overwhelmed, it can sometimes just be a part of life, and however you cope with it isn’t something to be ashamed of,” adds Ruby Waters.

Hailing from the small town of Shelburne, Ontario, Ruby has quickly garnered a sizeable hype thanks to her authentic yet relatable style of storytelling, a characteristic that was potent in her 2020 sophomore EP, “If It Comes Down To It”. Having since received worldwide acclaim and amassing over nine million streams to date, we cannot wait to see what Waters takes on with “Open Arms” next.

Head below now to stream the track…