The Sweden-born beautician lets us in on her journey to becoming the biggest tooth gem artist in London, and the mentality needed to achieve your goals.

In this collaboration series with Relentless Energy, Wonderland sits down with four talents-on-the-rise to discuss their journeys to the helm of London’s creative sphere, and what the concept of living Without Limits means to them.

Glimmering into view with effortless warmth and infectious energy, Anyamanee Chailom – London’s biggest tooth gem artist – offers up insight into the insatiable creative force behind her renowned beauty brand, Chai Beauty.

An art form that prioritises creativity and self-expression, Chai Beauty has dominated the beauty market from its humble beginnings. Dispersing Swarovski crystals and 18K gold love hearts across the globe, Chai Beauty offers services large and small for anyone to revamp their smile — whether that be multi-coloured gems arranged in unique patterns, butterfly-shaped windows or the creation of an icy fang.

Having set herself a goal to ditch the office job in place of self-employment by the age of 30, it would appear Chai Beauty was ahead of the game from the offset — achieving this on top of a 28K following and global acclaim all by the age of 25. So what spurs on this sort of success, you may wonder? What turns an idea hatched from the boredom and restraints of working under a corporation into a lifestyle that not only offers fulfilment to its owner but to smilers everywhere?

Speaking of the beginnings of her craft, the founder recounts, “I kind of felt myself becoming an office rat and becoming a grumpy Londoner and I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore’. I was doing lashes on the side and then one day I was like, ‘You know what? I need to leave my job.’ It has been my goal since I was a teenager. Nobody was doing tooth gems in London at the time, and I remember asking my friends ‘Should I take a chance and you know, get all this stuff?” And they were like ‘Sure, why not? You know everything you do always goes well’.”

And whilst Chai Beauty hit the ground running, it is Anyamanee’s own ambitions that have kept the company at the forefront of its game — continuously innovating in the name of truly free creativity. In an attempt to bottle such traits for ourselves, we spoke with Chai Beauty in collaboration with Relentless Energy to find out more about how we too can achieve our goals and dreams without limits. Head below to read the full interview now…

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So, what is the first thing you do in the morning?
The first thing I do in the morning: I go up, I try to go to the gym, try to get into some healthy habits. I get my coffee from my local place, I prepare for my next client and usually, I take my time. I feel like I’m into the soft life right now, I think that motivates me quite a lot [laughs].

I love the soft life, nice! What does living without limits mean to you?
Living without limits means just being able to be who I am and be free and live the life I want to live without actually having to answer to anyone really. I think it’s quite important for me to have my freedom because I’m not happy when I feel contained.

When do you feel you’re most creative in life?
I feel the most creative when I go into myself and I get to be with myself, because I feel like it’s a way to get away from outside distractions. I mean, it’s good to find inspiration from elsewhere but sometimes it is best to feel the creativity from yourself. I do travel a lot so I find a lot of inspiration on the roads, I do find a lot of inspiration through music and through my friends when I have fun really. And you know, of course, I do like to find inspiration when I talk to other people as well. I feel like people can inspire you in many ways, actually.

Yeah, for sure! And obviously, the whole concept of being energised comes with creativity, so when do you feel you’re most energised? And is it the same as when you’re feeling creative? Or is it a different point?
I feel the most energised when I’ve been good, so when I’ve been healthy and getting into my good habits. When I travel and meet a lot of people on the road especially, I feel like it does give you some type of outside perspective of what life can be in different places. I feel like that energises me a lot, I love culture as well. So I do love to travel, being welcomed into a culture and being part of a culture, I feel like it’s amazing because culture makes people different. We’re all the same but the only thing that separates us is the culture really. So to be able to see that and experience that, yeah I love that.

Beautiful, and where’s your favourite place that you’ve been?
I mean, I’m biased I’m gonna say Thailand. I did like Mexico as well when I was there. It was a very colourful culture, reminded me of home. Where else? I don’t know, I like every place. I feel like I find beauty in all the places I go to.

Creative inspiration is something that’s not always there for people, sometimes people struggle with it. It’s not like a forever-flowing thing. Do you have advice for anyone who might be struggling with their creativity right now or struggling to find inspiration?
I feel like if you struggle you should try something new. Get outside of your normal routine because if you get stuck and if you don’t find inspiration, it just means that you’re stuck in the same routine, really. So yeah, go travelling, go talk to some random people on the street maybe (obviously not some weirdos…) but like, you never know whom you meet and just get outside of your comfort zone. I feel like people get too comfortable so easy but really, all you need to do is just find something new.

Well, my next question is about when you’re struggling yourself with creativity, where or who do you go to?
When I struggle I definitely feel like I need to break out of what I’m doing. So I do need to like go within myself and I don’t know maybe spend more time with spirituality or go for a trip. I feel like especially in London because it’s such a hectic pace and it’s so easy for you to kind of be the same. And I feel like especially if I have too much fun like partying and drinking, I used to feel like I lose myself a bit, I need to step back, sensor myself, maybe go back home to Thailand and just find peace really.

So you’re saying you go back to Thailand? Has there been a specific moment within your journey like setting up your business and starting doing beauty where you have specifically struggled? Like can you think of a specific time and if so, how you went about getting out of that headspace and getting back on track?
I feel like last summer, I did what I said before, I just had too much fun in London, went out drinking a bit too much. And I just didn’t really pay my business no mind so I just felt like I have to leave, I have to go somewhere else. So that’s why I went to Mexico, I was there for five months, it was great. But then also I had a bit too much fun when I was there. So I wasn’t working as much, obviously, it was a whole other city. I had clients but obviously, I wasn’t as busy as I was here. So when I came back, I was like “fuck I need to save up some money again before I travel and stuff” but I just put my head down, I focused, I started getting into healthy habits and now I’m doing very well again. All I need to do is focus really.

Sure and like you’re saying that you partied a lot, you’re out a lot and obviously it’s a lot of energy you need that and stuff. Do you ever feel pressured to keep up with that lifestyle? Keep up with this energetic facade? Like obviously you said sometimes you take a step back but do you ever feel that pressure?
I actually don’t party a lot. People think that because I don’t know, I give that vibe. I mean, there’s definitely some type of pressure especially when you have a following. But I feel like I’ve never really done that. I feel like I’ve always been myself regardless. I don’t really mingle much with the industry and want to be out there because I’m a homebody at the end of the day, so I just do my thing. I don’t really go out unless I feel like it. I mean sometimes I get invited to some fun shit but this is mostly with my friends anyway. So I don’t really feel the pressure to be that type of way, people like me because I’m me. So I don’t, it’s fine.


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