The flourishing indie four-piece continue their rise to the top with frank new single.

New Friends
New Friends

So often In the early days of a blossoming romance, many of us just yearn to know where we stand. For the other party to lay all their cards on the table, etc. Well, that’s exactly what indie-pop group New Friends are doing on “Doomed”.

“The idea of ‘Doomed’ is being self-aware of the chaotic energy you bring into your love life,” they say regarding the track. “When relationship after relationship consistently fails, often we give up and say: ‘Well I guess I’m just really bad at this love thing.’ The song calls out to any future lover, preparing them for the fact that you know how the story is going to go.”

You’ve got to admire their candour, which many would only want for in a relationship, so maybe their chances of romance aren’t as ill-fated as they fear. What certainly isn’t is their climb to indie greatness. The Ontario quad has already gone viral with single “Purple Candy”, achieving 5.5 million streams so far, and won $100,000 to fund studio and promotion costs after emerging on top in Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot contest. If that wasn’t enough, their list of collaborators grows in size and stature almost by the minute. Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson to name but a few.

Head below to dive into the “Doomed” music video right now…