Bella Poarch, Kwaku Asante and Tiggi Hawke bring the sounds of the summer in this week’s music round-up.

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch

Kwaku Asante – “Rhodes”

The wonders of London are endless. And, Kwaku Asante is here to remind us of this with the release of the intimate music video for new track “Rhodes”. As his honeyed vocals deliver a narrative on the forever-turbulent nature of love, followers of the singer-songwriter are welcomed into a day in his life spent with a love interest as they highlight the beauty that can be found in the mundane when spending time with the right person. From strolling along the capital’s paved streets under the haze of the British sun, arm in arm, to finding joy in riding the tube to their next destination, Asante’s artistry proves itself to be tender at the core thanks to his latest visual display. And with the artist also taking on the role of director of the music video, it becomes clear that the talent is one you should be looking out for.

Olivia Lunny x Bhad Bhabie – “Vibe Check”

Canada’s most exciting new artist Olivia Lunny has released her new single “Vibe Check”, featuring the American rapper Bhad Bhabie. Chances are the name Olivia Lunny rings a bell, as the pop sensation had the world in a daze after her captivating self-titled debut album – released back in 2021. Predicting our inevitable thirst for more music, the charming artist is back to bless us with her spell-bounding vocals paired with the melodic rap flows of Bhad Bhabie. It is safe to say that Bhad Bhabie and Olivia Lunny’s empowering lyrics and seductive beats will have us all radiating confidence this summer season.

PRMSE – “Step”

With the end of a very long and hot week nearing, it is safe to say that we are looking toward the freedom the weekend brings with eagerness. And, if you intend to spend the next few days partying away, we suggest you do so along to the sweet sounds of PRMSE’s “Step”. Embued in infectious top-hat snares and ambient production, the R&B-meets-hip-hop cut encourages us to give in to its sound and groove along to its beat. With the Zimbabwean-born artist also displaying his laid-back voice to a care-free set of lyrics, it is safe to say that his newest release is nothing short of a party anthem. And, while all of the above is enough to officially crown “Step” as the tune of the weekend, it transcends the status of a throwaway track by birthing what can now be coined as our new after-hours moto: “fill up the glass, shake a little ass”. Thanks, PRMSE, that is exactly what we will be doing!

Piers James – “Cha Ching”

And, while a heat wave may be in session, hip-hop rapper Piers James is here to make it rain with his sharp new cut, “Cha Ching”. Touching on the importance of hustling for the sake of passion as opposed to chasing a bag, the talent fips the money-chasing narrative and contemplates the notion of pay presenting itself when passion is involved, all the while offering up bop-worthy beats and effortlessly flowing bars. Speaking on the new track, the newcomer explains, “If you focus on the money you’ll never be satisfied because there’s always more to chase. I learnt you have to enjoy the journey and have fun, because when you do what you love with a passion the money will always follow. I want to leave an imprint that inspires people to build a legacy, bringing back that feeling of when you used to watch MTV Base and heard a new artist for the first time and you couldn’t help but want to repeat the track, learn the lyrics. I want to inspire people to chase their own ambitions with songs and music video that made you feel something.”

Dexter – “Something Real”

Riding the wave of her highly praised debut project, I Do Love A Good Sandwich, South London’s hottest new artist Dexter, is back with her riveting new single “Something Real”. As the title suggests, the all too relatable track explores our naïve expectations of others and the sometimes-harrowing realisation that we are better off focusing on ourselves. Packed with garage-infused instrumentals and synth layers, Dexter’s effortlessly silky vocals work to highlight the tender essence of the track. Dexter’s authenticity and humility are the reasons for her steady rise in the game, and the release of “Something Real” only works to prove that she will continue to shine.

Tiggi Hawke – “Giants”

“While I don’t want to push my interpretation of ‘Giants’ on other people, it’s a song of personal liberation for me,” says Tiggi Hawke of her new electro-pop masterpiece. “‘Giants’ really reflects my internal journey since the last single and how making my new music has made me feel. It’s definitely a move in a different direction from my previous music, but I’ve never felt more myself than while this was being written, and going through the process of production and visuals.”

Promising to set souls ablaze and catapult listeners into an other-worldly dimension, “Giants” is here to dominate new music Friday and prove that the ethereal electronic genre is one that is here to stay.

Bellah – “In The Moment”

In the name of switching up the tempo for those who are looking for a more relaxed Friday evening, we present you with Bellah’s “In The Moment”. A cut akin to the sensual R&B tracks of the late 90s and early 00s, the British singer-songwriter showcases her candied vocals as slowly winding-yet-muted productions ripples underneath a lustful narrative. With Grammy-nominated Sensei Bueno working his production magic here alongside Ari PenSmith, and a glittering Ray Fiasco-directed video vividly bringing the song to life, “In The Moment” situates itself as the ultimate late-night vibe.

Bella Poarch – “Dolls”

What would a Wonderlist be without a feature from one of TikTok’s most beloved content creators-turned-musicians? Making a statement with the release of her debut EP, superstar Bella Poarch proves that her talents travel beyond her slick dance moves with this latest musical offering. Showcasing lyrical dexterity, attitude-laden beats and her captivating tone, tunes such as “Build a Bitch”, “Living Hell” and “Villain”, work to prove that her “Dolls” EP is just the beginning of what is sure to be a vibrant musical career. It is giving multi-facet and we are very much here for it.