Lending his angelic pop vocals and Covid-induced resilience to his latest cut, the newcomer makes his official debut.

Elliot Horne
Elliot Horne

There is nothing quite like the sickly-sweet-yet-angsty blend of pop and R&B to kickstart new music Friday, and Elliot Horne is here to prove it. Making his debut today, the 22-year-old artist introduces us to his sound, melancholy and heartfelt in tone.

Making the best out of a bad situation, the Oxfordshire-based talent shifted his perspective on the otherwise-insufferable lockdown and in turn, created an opportunity for himself. After numerous after-hour calls with LA-bound producers and a creative outpouring, track “Where Would I Be” was born. An introspective cut rippling with the rising artist’s silky vocals and production that will have you swaying along to its beat, the debut tune works to prove that Horne is one to watch over the coming months.

To take your first listen to Elliot Horne, head below…