A dance king in-waiting, a punk ‘fuck you’ anthem, and sugary drum and bass number are front and centre of our weekly music round-up.

Fred Again.. - TOTL
Fred Again.. - TOTL

Fred again.. x Swedish House Mafia – “Turn On The Lights again..” (feat. Future)

Imagine two-stepping for your life at a Boiler Room recording and before you know it you’re featured in one of the UK’s biggest DJ’s new single artwork. Well, that’s what happened to ravers at Fred again..’s London set for the club culture channel, who now grace the cover of track “Turn On The Lights again..”, the new team-up with comeback pop-house behemoth Swedish House Mafia, and none other than storied Atlanta rapper, Future. Already a hit on TikTok, with a teaser clip pulling 3.7 million views before the song was even released, Fred again..’s dance floor dominance looks set only to continue.

YAZ – “Anymore”

Well isn’t this a yummy little Friday snack of a song? The North West Londoner who’s still only 19, follows up her debut February single with this divine pop-drum and bass cut, in which her heavenly vocals are coupled with a vocal chop hook that’s as sweet as a sugary family-size portion of Angel Delight. A future drum and bass doyen may just be developing before our very eyes, friends.

Daimy Lotus – “Pathetic”

We can never have enough anthems in our arsenals to fight off the ever-growing population of fuck boys. And, well thankfully, Daimy Lotus is adding another to the canon with punk rock fuck you to fuck boys “Pathetic”. “I couldn’t link the song to one specific person,” the Rotterdam artist says. “But that’s because I’ve had so many messed up experiences where guys would just walk all over me, pushing my limits to get what they want and never even consider once what I wanted.” We’re with you, Daimy, turn that speaker up!

Fin Argus – “Exposure”

A multifaceted talent in their own right, Fin Argus allows their penchant for blending poignant performance with soul-soaked vocals to run wild in their brand new single, “Exposure”. Bleeding with the frustration that comes with living in an over-commercialised world, “Exposure” digs deep into the crux of the cost of achieving fame, creating a lonely-yet-powerful narrative about identity, exclusion and silence. Released alongside an introspective visual, Fin is seen shirtless in a bid to captivate attention — a gut-punching display of society’s ongoing failure to connect to anything below the surface.

LOLA – “Back”

It’s been a minute since we last heard from silky-voiced Londoner LOLA, following her 2020 triumphant EP, “The Sleeping Prophet”. Pairing her 90s-meets-00s R&B vocals with flitting electronica production, LOLA crafts a brooding but instantly infectious futuristic R&B record, which we’re hoping is a statement not only that she’s “Back” but that she intends to stick around from here on in.


SBTRKT, one of the UK’s most groundbreaking producers who’s been at the vanguard of electronic music since the early 2010s, returns with ambient, multifaceted cut “GHOST”, featuring the celestial vocals of newcomer, LEILAH. “‘GHOST’ is about how noisy the world feels,” SBTRKT says. “The fatigue it creates and as a result, shutting down and wanting to dissociate whilst withholding your state of mind.” Our world does feel quite noisy after the end of a long week so we are more than onboard with this track and are literally hitting the repeat button as we speak.

Trippie Redd – “Big 14 (feat. Offset & Moneyybagg Yo)”

Multi-platinum, genre-traversing Ohio-hailing rapper Trippie Redd drops his first single of the year, with Offset & Money Bagg Yo collaboration “Big 14”. This cut might sound familiar, as it leaked on TikTok earlier this year, garnering millions of views and being used by thousands of creators at the time. So, we’re just glad the rapper’s gone and made it all official, and while we don’t have a crystal ball, something tells us it’s set to leave a hefty footprint on the app once again.

Sophie Kilburn – “Hating On A Heartache”

Preparing to re-open yourself to love after a bruising break-up is the subject matter Sophie Kilburn tackles in her third single of the year. The Derbyshire-born singer-songwriter’s endearing alt-pop track is told through a classic rock lens, and pairs Pheobe Bridgers or Haim stylings with the round vowels of her almost musical theatre-esque vocal, making for an instantly magnetic and distinctive sound. We will be singing and perhaps shedding the odd tear with Sophie for the rest of the weekend.


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