The Italian fashion house design an elegant skin for the De Tomaso Mangusta.

When a fashion house is as emblematic as that of Dior, its design can translate into almost any medium and still be irrevocably noticeable. Proving this in the form of yet another innovative collaboration, Kim Jones partners with Gran Turismo 7 to create an exclusive skin that wraps a vintage car, the De Tomaso Mangusta. Featuring in a brand new video game out August 25th, the car boasts the distinctive polish of the house: sleek in style, understated in palette-yet-striking in presence.

As displayed by the exclusive campaign, the inaugural virtual capsule also sees in a one-of-a-kind jumpsuit emblazoned with vibrant hues of daffodil yellow and broken up with soft grey. Completed with a pair of matching gloves, reinterpreted Diorzon shoes and an electric blue and grey helmet, the collection exudes the playful nature of Dior while maintaining a thread of elegance throughout.

Tying the whole collaboration together, the number 47 is embellished within the racer’s silhouette and across the bonnet of the car — a touching tribute to the year 1947, when Christian Dior’s trailblazing fashion show began, setting the tone for the house and its blossoming future.

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