The psychotherapist and alt-pop extraordinaire drops the introspective, mental health-centric track.

Bonze - Premiere
Bonze - Premiere

London’s Bonze – aka Jack Reardon – is by day a trained psychotherapist, but in his ruminative new track “A Place (Inside My Head)”, he’s delving into his own mental health, in a sweet-sounding manner, we might add. In particular, that corner of our brain that lacks contentment, the inner critical niggle that seemingly endures any success we come to achieve.

“It feels like no matter how much progress I seem to make on the surface, there is always a part of me that feels that things could be improved or that they just can’t or won’t get better,” Bonze says of the release’s inspiration.

Coupling lucid storytelling with a dreamy electronic musical lexicon that has seen him compared to savants of a similar sound like The 1975, Metronomy, and Jai Paul, Bonze’s third single of the year is an indisputable win for the multi-hyphenate, who’s also a former label A&R man.

Head below now to hear the track in all its glory…

Bonzemusic · A Place (Inside My Head)