The singer crashes back onto the scene with the self-love anthem of the summer.


If all goes to plan, our ambitiously ethical week is going to revolve around Devado’s anthem for transparency. With soaring vocals and grounded lyrics, “The Honest Song(A Little More)” calls for the breakdown of the facades and pretences we build around us every day, keeping us uplifted with her electric riffs and subtle-yet-powerful beats. The DIY artist produces solely with the use of her vocals and body percussion, transforming each sound into an instrument, creating the sense that each sonic syllable is communicated directly by Devado.

Offering her own perspective of the track, Devado shares that, “‘The Honest Song (A Little More)’ is about letting go of the picture-perfect image we try to create of ourselves, trying to impress people with how great our lives supposedly are! The best and most profound conversations I’ve had were always the ones where we would just get real with each other, let our guards down, and talk about the struggles we might be going through! That’s when we really find a connection and realize that we all have our issues and are all pretty much on the same page.”

Devado’s Egyptian, Dutch, American and German roots lend a variety of identities to the artist’s sound, providing it with a depth and unique edge unlike any other. And since being signed by a publisher during the pandemic, we are lucky to anticipate much more of her work. By the end of the year, Devado will have released several more ‘mood’ tracks that should help to complete the picture “The Honest Song (A Little More)” begins to paint.

Head below to listen to “The Honest Song (A Little More)” now…

Words by
Callum Mackillop