The multidisciplinary artist is subverting toxic notions of manhood on new single and spreading some much-needed love in the process.


Photography by Adam Gulbol, design by Charles Quirouard

Photography by Adam Gulbol, design by Charles Quirouard

“It’s a middle finger to patriarchy and toxic masculinity,” Lucky Love says of the haunting lead track of his debut project, “Masculinity”. Over sparse production led by pacing broken piano chords and a haunting choral arrangement, Lucky wrestles the toxic expectations society lays upon men, permeating everything from how they talk, walk, kiss, and love.

It’s the continuation of the French-born artist’s advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community, of which he is a member, and his use of his music as a vessel for crafting cohesion between the community and wider society. The multi-talented actor, dancer, screenwriter, author, and model is a flag bearer for self-love throughout his work, championing the disabled community also, having lived without his left arm since birth.

The release is accompanied by the cinematic visuals helmed by acclaimed director, Jordan I, who masterfully dissects masculinity into component parts, interrogating them with captivating effect.

Having recently been featured in Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty campaign, as well as having premiered his autobiographical documentary Lucky at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and hit the main stage at Munich Pride, Lucky Love’s ascent is truly gathering pace. We caught up with him about “Masculinity”, shooting the video, advocacy, his modelling career, and what the future has in store, so head below to enjoy…

Hi Lucky, how are you doing today? What was the first thing you did this morning?
Hey Wonderland Magazine! I’m very good! This morning, I cuddled my dog, Bernie, as soon as I got up.

I want to start with your name! What made you pick Lucky Love?
My real name is Luc, and when I got married, myself and my husband decided to name ourselves Love. Lucky partly comes from a nickname, but also because I feel lucky to have found love. It all comes down to this simple sentence.

And you were born in France, do you think your home has influenced your sound and the way you create music?
Yes, I definitely think so. Electronic music has a huge place in the French music industry and it influences a part of my music. I grew up listening to Daft Punk but also classic French singers such as Barbara, Jacques Brel, and Edith Piaf. I’ve always been fascinated by the depth of their lyrics and the political aspect of it. I really hope that one day my lyrics are as deep and full of meaning as theirs.

Let’s talk “Masculinity”! What inspired you to create this track?
“Masculinity” is my most personal song. It was very important for me to give the opportunity to many young people to be able to redefine what masculinity means. In my own experience, the standards of masculinity have been quite restrictive. I couldn’t relate to them. As an artist, I think it is primordial to be a witness of your time. That’s the reason why it’s been emotional for me when I received all of the reactions to my song.

And talk to us about your experience shooting the music video! Do you have any fun stories from the set?
Shooting “Masculinity” was a massive amount of work, but I’ve been lucky to shoot alongside incredible people such as Jordan I. Cardoso, my manager, and the director, Christopher Ripley, the Director of Photography. Fun fact: Christopher came from LA for the shoot. We were really proud to have him because he is a big star in the film industry, and we realised after a few hours that he flew in specifically for us on his birthday. Another fun fact, Bernie my dog was on set all night and he really wanted to be a part of the takes.

You describe yourself as a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Talk to us about the work you have done to champion the community and what it means to you.
The importance for me is not to fetishise our community but to normalise it. In 2022, it is still political to assume the sexuality of someone. I don’t want to be one of those “angry” artists, my main goal is to live altogether in harmony: gay, straight, cis, or trans. We’re all human after all.

Talk to us about your career as a model. You have been featured in numerous high-end brand campaigns. What are some of the most notable campaigns that you have been a part of?
Working as a model has been a really long and difficult journey. Especially at the beginning because I arrived on the fashion market while diversity wasn’t trendy yet. I struggled to be represented. I have to admit that I don’t think that working with high-end brands was a highlight per se in my modelling career. What I most appreciated was working with inspiring people and incredible artists, such as Mario Testino, Tim Walker, and Craig McDean. It made me grow and gave me new perspectives in my life as a model and as an artist. Overall, my fashion journey has been a blessing in the sense that it gave me the opportunity to represent some of those who lacked representation in this industry and may have felt alone. It is a leitmotiv for me, all of humanity should take part in such campaigns, and each kind of beauty has its place in this industry.

You also debuted your documentary, Lucky, at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. Talk to us about the emotions and feelings that surrounded the debut?
It was very strange to know that my personal life was broadcast at a festival hosted in New York. Since I grew up in the French countryside, it’s a bit of a dream come true. But it is also a strange position to be in knowing that the entire world could know everything about my personal life. It’s scary but exciting.

What advice do you have for others that are looking to break into the industry?
I have no particular advice except, to stay true and believe in yourself. Work hard for what you stand for and for what you want to achieve. The sky’s the limit!

What about the next year excites you? Is there anything in particular that you are excited to work on?
I’m super excited to release my upcoming album. I can’t wait to perform and meet my fans. 2023 will be full of love!


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