Fireboy, Rose Gray and Genesis Owusu make some noise in this week’s vibe-heavy playlist.


Fireboy – “Bandana”

To kick off this week’s Wonderlist, Fireboy DML eradicates the aches we’ve accumulated over the week with “Bandana”. His infectious positivity, uplifting vocals, and the combination of a light rhythmic guitar with Afrobeat-inspired drums create a vibrant aura that’s carrying us into the weekend. Fireboy lyrically confirms the importance of having a supportive bubble of friends and family to fend off negativity and self-doubt — and we couldn’t agree more.

Rose Gray – “Cupid”

As a Lana Del Rey-esque introduction veers out of melancholia and into a vibe-enthused dance track, Rose Gray considers temptation and treading the line between lust and love with “Cupid”. In Gray’s words, he imparts, “Cushioned between heavy breakbeat drums and 90’s house cords, I playfully joke about falling victim to love – again.” Glossed with a brazen smile, “Cupid” attests to be safe in the assurance that these slips don’t have to be catastrophes.

Genesis Owusu – “GTFO”

Cinematically relocating the listener with eerily pitched tones, Genesis Owusu’s “GTFO” builds into a marching beat, flooded with soaring choir loops. Keeping his explosive narratives at the forefront, fluid, sibilant lyrics punctuate the track — with each of Owusu’s potent annunciations coming dripped with meaning. Reinforced by the chanting chorus, “GTFO” is an unreserved expression of Owusu’s message to the unwanted presences in his life.

Benson Boone – “Better Alone”

With gentle guitar chords that welcome you into a state of introspection, Benson Boone’s “Better Alone” is an ideal vessel for his heart-on-sleeve lyricism. Within the track, Benson affirms his need to go his own way with a full exploration of his vocal range that peak with fluttering high notes. In his own words, he explains, “Sometimes, when thing aren’t working out it truly is better to be alone. Loving someone is so important but being independent and loving yourself is equally important.”

Dylan Fraser – “Vampire”

Dylan Fraser’s “Vampire” is a synth-soaked excursion into the darker side of certain relationships. Dylan and Alaska Reid’s husky yet flexible vocals complement each other in their consideration of the tendency we have to take our woes out on those closest to us. Though they might be advocating against this sort of toxicity, they still manage to make the situation seem pretty damn sexy.

Jacklyn – “Alone With You”

Finally, closing out our Wonderlist with a soul-soaked ode to the elation of love, Jacklyn graces our weekend playlists with “Alone With You”. Oozing with lustre and peppered with vibrancy, “Alone With You” instantly welcomes a mood that is at once empowering and encouraging — the ultimate combination to charge into the weekend with energy anew.