The powerhouse artist challenges us to accept only what we deserve in his harmonious new single.

Theo tams
Theo tams

Pulling us straight out of our hump day slump, Theo Tams coins a compelling single that is just as danceable as it is quick-witted. Singing of a lover that has left him in “Limbo”, Theo graces the track with his signature off-kilter vocals, forcing us to face up to uncomfortable facts whilst keeping our hips swaying in perfect time. Interspersed with voice notes that feel personally recorded for yourself, “Limbo” is the audial equivalent to a middle finger at all of those who have strung you along or bargained with your heart — leaving you stronger, wiser, and ready for another try at love.

In his own words, Theo explains, “Sometimes love can be so blinding that you don’t see the red flags which are right in front of your face. You can end up being just another notch in someone’s belt or another person added to a long list of people they’ve screwed over. I hope ‘Limbo’ inspires you to find someone who treasures what you offer.”

So whether you’re broken-hearted, just getting started or contemplating rekindling with an ex, head below to stream “Limbo” now and thank us later…