The Birmingham-hailing rapper unveils his twelve-track mixtape alongside leading single, “It’s Me Again”, featuring D Double E.


If the “Intro” to “Mitchtape 3” is anything to go by, to class rapper on-the-rise Mitch as a newcomer would be a sore mistake. Serving up in speaker-shaking production and a slew of cut-throat lyricism, Mitch keeps listeners in a chokehold from the moment the first beat drops — catapulting us through twelve tracks packed with heat, aggression and painfully honest narratives.

Despite these qualities remaining true across all twelve tracks, each effort carries its own distinctive flavour. From the trippy reverbs and backing vocals in “Crossroads” to the chilling piano ballad sampled in “Rhyme”, Mitch effortlessly demonstrates how his sound can translate across any melody — while staying true to its own distinctive identity.

Also featuring, we have “It’s Me Again”, a collaborative effort with Grime legend D Double E. With bouncing reverbs constantly swirling in the track’s background, the track is disorientating yet danceable — the ultimate recipe to cook up a sizeable slice of escapism.

To celebrate the release of the mixtape, we sat with the Birmingham-based rapper to discuss the making of “Mitchtape 3”, his dream collaborators and his hopes to tackle a rap-only mixtape. To stream the full mixtape and read the interview now, head below…

Let’s start at the beginning! When did you first start to take an interest in music and rapping more generally?
The first time I started to take interest in music I was very young I used to hear songs as a kid and just remember them word for word.

You were raised in Birmingham! Do you think the city has influenced the way you create music?
Yeah I was born and raised in Birmingham; I think that had a major impact on my music like the flows I use and slang words I incorporate into my music.

And your mixtape, “Mitchtape 3”, is on the way! How do you feel about this release? Are you nervous about the world hearing it for the first time?
“Mitchtape 3” for me is my coming back tape as just before the making of this tape I had a short brake from music, trying to find my new sound as the UK sound kinda changed from slower rap to more up-tempo music, so I can’t wait to show the world my version of we’re I think UK rap/drill is at right now.

Is there a core theme that runs throughout the project? Maybe a specific emotion or event has informed the mixtape?
I wouldn’t say there’s an actual theme to the project but it definitely doesn’t sound like any project out there at the moment. I think production wise it’s unmatched. And then the way I find myself on these beats and the subjects I’m talking about I just think it’s very different and a whole new sound.

Let’s also talk about its lead track, “It’s Me Again”! How did you end up working with D Double E on this? Is this the first time you have worked together?
The lead track is crazy! “It’s Me Again” featuring D Double E, who is a legend in the game and one of my favourite artists full stop. But basically, that came around so naturally, I actually used one of his famous flows on my plug-in with Fumez the engineer, and he reposted it. We literally went from a conversation in the DM’s to linking up in the studio and we made “It’s Me Again”, it was so sick.

And it comes accompanied by a high-energy music video! Where did you film this and what sort of story were you trying to get across here?
Basically, we shot the video in London, and for the video, we were just trying to get across that old-school grime set feeling, both of us in old-school Avirex jackets and we got an old-school VHS camera to get the old-school and the new-school twist in one, and I think it came out perfect.

You have collaborated with a lot of impressive UK talent, but who is next? Do you have a dream collaborator?
Yeah, I have been blessed to have some very good collaborations in my career, and some real guys work with me. I would love to work with some of the guys that have been doing this longer than me, I think it’s good to get a more experienced artist in and mix it up to keep the listeners listening and it does good for both the younger and older artists’ careers fresh. I think I’d love to work with Giggs one day he is always evolving.

Aside from all of the exciting things discussed above, what else do you have planned for 2022?
This year has been great so far, I have been the most consistent I’ve ever been musically; I can’t wait to drop this tape and show the supporters what else I have in my locker – maybe a rap EP at the end of the year I’m thinking.


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