Doughnut-glazed nails, an auburn epidemic and tooth fairy-approved bling — here are the celebrity-endorsed beauty routines we are loving this year.

IG: @haileybieber

IG: @haileybieber

First came Musical.ly, then came TikTok, and now — a constant slew of the latest and greatest beauty trends. With tips and tricks now spreading like wildfire across our FYP as we incessantly scroll in our final hours of every evening, it is no surprise we have collectively birthed the resurgence of trends — and yes, we fully submit to them. From Hailey Bieber’s glazed manicure sending the clean-aesthetic girlies into a spiral to a full-blown auburn epidemic, the trends that have cascaded the platform have reached an ultimate high —receiving sizeable celebrity endorsement along the way.

So whether you’re a trend-setter or follower, a beauty fanatic or a first-timer, head below to discover the very best trends that TikTok has offered up as of late…

Nail-biters better beware of Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut tips

@haileybieber Here’s my nail combo the is to mix whatever color you choose with clear polish to thin it out @Zola She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

While Hailey Bieber might be used to her face getting a sizeable amount of recognition, even she was not prepared for the internet to erupt with a simple snap of her fingers, or should we say, nails. Sending manicure maniacs into a frenzy to discover the ultimate combination to achieve the elegance of her sheer opalescent glaze look, Hailey Bieber finally succumbed to the pressure and unveiled every nail tech’s best-kept secret — achieved with a hint of clear polish and a swipe of chrome powder.

Kendall Jenner made copper hair dye a hot commodity



original sound – HAZMATCAZ

Coming from someone with many red-headed friends who got far too friendly with box-dye in our childhood, the resurgence of this trend hurt particularlly bad. What was once a rarity for a hairdresser has now become a full-time job — turning blonde, brunette and black hair alike into the perfect shade of copper, a temptation that was even too much for Kendall Jenner.

Julia puts the fox in fox-eye makeup

@kardashianicon lowkey iconic #juliafox #iconic #foryoupage #fyp original sound – kardashianicon

Offering us one for the bold and brave, Julia Fox had us all in a chokehold with her exaggerated black shadow. Colour blocking the pitch black powder onto the lid in dynamic shapes, the look is one that is just as experimental as it is a statement — but a word of warning, it can even prove too much for Julia at times.

FKA Twigs gives the Tooth Fairy an extra bang for her buck

@fkatwigs you’re in your feelings way too deep beat by @beasweetbeauty #caprisongs #beforeandafter jealousy (feat. rema) – FKA twigs

In keeping with her ethereal appeal, FKA Twigs ensured she twinkled at all times with an impressive array of tooth gems, fastened to form butterflies, stars and tiny dotted accents. Catching the light as she flashes a smile, the trend has us reminiscing the days when our favourite magazines would supply sheets of gems by the bucketload — our dentists are practically shaking in their coats.

The days of the doe-eyed girls are officially over

@luuvvvmeee Hoooot #دعمكم #fypシ original sound – vanessa

If we were to name some of the most influential style icons of our generation, the likes of Alexa Demie, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande are at the tip of our tongue. What they all have in common, you may wonder? The simple seduction of the siren eye. Turning even the widest of eyes into a sultry streamlined stare, the art of extending thin eyeliner into the inner and outer corners of the eye has become the only viable option for a full-glam beat — and it saves time and liner, too.

No-makeup-makeup has become a Rare Beauty speciality

@selenagomez #TeamUSATryout Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

With a (slightly unbearable) heatwave in our midst, the time has never been like the present to embrace makeup mogul’s latest go-to trend: the no-makeup-makeup look. Adding enough definition and coverage to feel your best self while remaining subtle enough to barely notice, Selena Gomez uses her own products to demonstrate exactly how it can be done — whether the results look anywhere the same is a different story, though.

Harry Styles feeds us our MANicure inspo

@purpletrainerrry IM OBSESSED W THE HEART NAILS #harrystyles #harryshouse #harrystylesono #pleasing #harrystylespleasing #hs1 #harrystylesnails #hslot ♬ deja vu – love y’al

Lastly, but by no means least, we pay a dutiful homage to the nail art honed by Harry Styles, who besides the likes of Tyler, The Creator, has gone over and beyond to prove that a manicure for men needn’t be the usual gloss of a plain black paint-job. From pink heart windows to ten very happy faces, Harry Styles has become our go-to when we need to inject some fun back into our nail appointments — and we will be taking this particular clip with us to our next booking.


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