The Israeli artist collaborates with the actors to create an NFT that explores the fragility of life and the eternity of art.


Forming a collaborative effort with actor Val Kilmer and Laurence Fuller, Tomer Peretz reflects the intellects, perspectives and visions of multiple different artists, forming a piece that reflects the temporary nature of youth, the imminence of death and the eternal existence of art — which will live far beyond ourselves.

Starting the piece in his very own studio, Peretz took to a canvas to capture the face of Val Kilmer in oil paint, leaving the artwork slightly unfinished — signifying how he has not yet completed his existence. Once delivered to Kilmer, he wrote an original poem inspired by the piece, scribing it onto the painting by hand. Once finished, the spoken word was recorded and incorporated into the work, performed by Fuller, mixing in media cinematic elements that transformed the painting into its own entire art form — creating a collaborative NFT that, unlike life, never ends.

Speaking of the concept, Peretz explains, “This is a collaboration as part of his NFT project. I painted a physical piece – a portrait of Val, and he wrote a poem on the canvas that I painted. I’m about to digitise it and create digital visual manipulation to it.”

Creating an NFT grounded in deep introspection and one that is set ablaze with creativity, we can only hope this will not be the last work we see of the three artistic moguls.

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