The singer-songwriter blesses us with her latest heartbreak-centric single.


Singer-songwriter Nya thoroughly understood the assignment with her all-too-relatable new single, “The Real You”. A powerful illustration of the feelings of heartbreak and betrayal, “The Real You” breathes life into our inner lamentations of finding out that the one we love is not who we thought they were. Angelic piano keys underscore Nya’s soulful vocals and unique lyricism to create an intimate song that permeates the souls of all who listen.

Nya possesses a natural ability for storytelling and this, combined with her ethereal vocals and extraordinary instrumentals, is the reason why she is the natural choice for many listeners. Nya’s artistry doesn’t just stop with her heavenly melodicism and harmonious vocals, however, and this is most evident in the remarkable music video for “The Real You”. Speaking on the music video, Nya comments, “To capture the spirit of ‘The Real You’ and that feeling of betrayal, we played with images of certain tarot cards as well as bleeding rose.”

Effortlessly majestic and graceful, Nya’s latest single and accompanying visuals are the perfect additions to your breakup playlists, and have put her firmly on the musical map!

To stream the music video head below…

Words by
Britany Josephs