The artist unveils his four-track EP and drops a captivating visual for leading track, “Childish”.


“‘Childish’ is just me getting back into my rap bag and finding the fun in being real,” Jords says on the lead track of his brand new EP, “Swings and Roundabouts”. Uptempo and bouncy while deep-cutting in lyricism, “Childish” is yet another example of Jords’ ability to score danceable beats with an essence of introspection — something that poses as a theme across his entire four-track EP.

Dissecting the pain and trauma that is packed into the memories of his past, Jords creates a tune that prevents him from making the wrong decision in “Swings & Roundabouts”, while “Boa Vista” boasts sounds totally anew, with breezy house beats and spine-tingling percussion drawing our attention away from the chest-pounding production of the rest of the track-list.

With “Childish” accompanied by its own music video, Jords invites fans worldwide to step straight into his world — bopping along to his groove in unison. To celebrate the release, we sat with Jords to discuss the making of the EP, the meaning behind each song and his podcast, Almost a Conversation. To stream the music video for “Childish” now and to read the full interview, scroll below…

Hi Jords! How are you? Where are we speaking to you from right now?
I’m in the ends man! Croydon

You are from South London! Do you think that has influenced your sound or the themes you touch on in your work?
I’m very much a product of my environment, so growing up on the sounds of my environment comes through in my music in every song. I am who I’ve been and where I’ve been.

You’ve had a really busy time recently producing the EP “Swings and Roundabouts”. How has this time been for you?
It’s been tough, to be honest. Good, bad and everything in between. Especially making the title track, the themes in that song are very personal, therapeutic, but also draining.

So, the four tracks come together to form an exploration of the ‘ying/yang of the human personality’, can you tell us what inspired this?
For me, life is a battle between spirit and ego, it’s all about finding the balance. As a rapper, a lot of us rap from a place of ego, to protect our spirit, when the balance is right. So this is me trying to channel my ego, but using my spirit as the foundation for it – I hope that makes sense.
Let’s talk about the EP’s lead track “Childish”. What was the production process behind the track?
Me and the boy Mike Brainchild just had a day of complete freedom, to be honest. I wanted to make something that’s fun, but with a darker sound to it. One of my boys always uses the word childish, and I promised him I’ll create a song out of that. It wasn’t a very difficult song to create, to be honest.

What do you hope that people will take away from the EP? 
I just want people to feel something. The art I love evokes emotion.
Congratulations on playing at Reading and Leeds festival this year, as well! What are you doing to prepare to perform at such huge venues?
Thank you. I just watch the greats, all day. Before shows, I just watch and study the GOATS, and try to channel that same energy.

As well as being busy making your music, you’re also heavily involved in mental health campaigns such as initiatives through MIND charity, can you tell us why these matters are so important to you?
I think it’s important to lift and climb and sow more seeds as we reap. I just try to do the “right” thing as much as I can, and I’m grateful that I can contribute to what I’d say are issues that are bigger than music.

You’ve also launched Pickni Uniforms, a programme which offers hundreds of secondary school children free school meals and free blazers! What drove you to start this project?
Myself and a friend of mine were reading up about the back-to-school nightmares parents had, with uniforms especially. Five-hour queues in some cases, ridiculously overpriced blazers. And after seeing that, along with seeing everything that Marcus Rashford had done, we just believed that there was a gap in society that we could fill.

In your podcast Almost a Conversation, you shed light on the conversations we all should be having, such as mental health issues to love and relationships. Do you try to reflect these themes within your songwriting?
Not by force. If I feel it then I write it. Naturally, I wear my heart on my sleeve. But no, it’s not a conscious effort.

You’ve recently announced a very exciting tour for this Autumn, is there a venue you’re particularly excited for? 
You know what yeah, I’m just happy to be on the road. This is the part that I’ve dreamt about for as long as I can remember, and it’s the first headline tour – so it’s just mad. But as happy as I am, I know there’s a level of performance that needs to be maintained, and I’m ready for that.


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