Loyle Carner, Emotional Oranges and THEY. Provide all the vibes in this week’s groove-laden playlist round-up.

Loyle Carner

Photography by Sirus Gahan

Loyle Carner
Photography by Sirus Gahan

Loyle Carner – “Hate”

Here at Wonderland, we just cannot resist kicking off our Wonderlists with a highly-anticipated return. And, making sure he is certainly not forgotten, Loyle Carner spares not an ounce of his fury and poetic prowess with his new sure-to-be-hit single, “Hate”. Seeping through a moody soundscape, Loyle delivers nothing short of a masterpiece in the form of turbo-charged verses about his inner anxieties. Having streamed the track on loop since its drop, we know one thing is for sure: Loyle, our ears have missed you.

Emotional Oranges – “Bounce”

Sprucing up our round-up with groove-laden beats and an infectious tempo, Emotional Oranges follow up their widely-acclaimed “Make Me Wanna” with “Bounce” — the latest addition to our summer playlists. Sparkling, slow and sensual, “Bounce” instantly hits you with elation, rendering you helpless to their compelling melodies. On the track, Emotional Oranges explain, “This was genuinely the most fun we’ve ever had making a track. The hook started off freestyling some meaningless words about $ and then got too lazy to change it. Then gave the song a generic title and shot the video in one take with an iPhone on a breezy LA Summer night. Boom, Bounce.”

THEY. ft Fana Hues – “Comfortable”

Slowing down the tempo and getting “Comfortable”, THEY. partner with Fana Hues to create their hot new track. Soul-baring and unfiltered in equal parts, “Comfortable” gives us an intimate look inside an exchange between two parties at the helm of love. While THEY. might have enjoyed a two-year hiatus, it is safe to say they are back with a vengeance.

Bel Cobain – “Leader”

Offering us a breather with an intoxicating piano ballad, we have Bel Cobain’s symphonic new single, “Leader”. Taking full control of her melody with light vocals, Bel effortlessly blends Latin notes with Afrobeats, underpinned by a full band production. With one stream through your headphones, “Leader” leaves you with all the main-character energy you could muster to charge into the imminent weekend.

Hope Tala – “It Is Enough”

“This song has been a long time coming. I’ve always wanted to write a song about the things I care about, but it took a long time to work out how I could do that in a way that felt true to me, my storytelling style, and my artistry,” says Hope Tala on her freshly dropped track, “Is It Enough”. Written to be an empowerment anthem, Hope’s honeyed vocals intricately paint a story of inclusion, acceptance and the power of unity. Reclaiming her power, Hope Tala reminds us of the strength in finding peace — and leaves us with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Nikhil Beats – “Face Your Demons”

Forcing you to “Face Your Demons” on a bed of ethereal notes, Nikhil Beats drops his latest track. Smashing through stereotypes, Nikhil effortlessly subverts our expectations, formulating personal experiences in a way that speaks directly to the soul. Interspersed with hypnotising saxophone interludes, “Face Your Demons” allows you to let go of the pressures of society — simultaneously welcoming you to vibe out in time with the track’s chest-pounding beats.

Ojerime – “Nothing”

Closing our Wonderlist with a song that holds its own throbbing heartbeat, Ojerime leaves us with “Nothing” — an effort that is far removed from its namesake. Catapulting us back to the golden age of classic R&B, “Nothing” lifts our spirits with seamless production, airy vocals and an unwavering baseline — ensuring that our souls remain fed at our next weekend motive.


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