El Bandarra combines the bittersweet with Mediterranean botanicals to create Al Fresco — the ultimate aperitivo for your sun-soaked summer evenings.

With summer evenings spent in the garden beckoning, your minds may ponder what best to serve your unsuspecting guests. Taking the guesswork out of it, El Bandarra offers us a bittersweet solution to this problem with the soft yet tangy aperitif, Al Fresco. Illuminated by a cherry-red hue, the sparkling liquid is equal parts bright and lively — boasting notes of fresh herbs, mint and bitter grapefruit, a true ode to the culture and spirit of Barcelona.

Founded by twins Alex and Albert Virgili, the duo merge their experience with the wine industry to create a lineage of innovative wine-based aperitivo that speak to the free-flowing culture of Barcelona. Balancing the bittersweet with Mediterranean botanicals, El Bandarra ensure there is a drink to suit every tastebud — all whilst keeping the energy high and the good times great.

Amongst the range, there is also the Bandarra Spritz — a refreshing long drink that offers guests that Barcelona-by-the-beach feeling. Prepping a tumbler glass with ice, simply pour 1/3 El Bandarra Al Fresco into your glass. Adding cava, a dash of soda water and a garnish of grapefruit, ice and an olive, it will become near impossible to get rid of your party guests.

Al Fresco, of a 100% Garnacha variety, is supplied by the bottle just in time for summer. Versatile enough to blend in your own signature way, Al Fresco ensures you can retain elements of luxurious escapes right at home. Al Fresco is available to purchase in 50cl at M&S. Explore the full range at elbandarra.com.