The alt-rock band make a triumphant return with their new album.

Plastic Rhino
Plastic Rhino

Dropping an album after a six-year-long hiatus as a band is no easy task, but Jack and Atara of Plastic Rhino are making their comeback look effortless with the help of their new album. Loaded with the vehemence, Plastic Rhino’s latest cut, Terminus, is a much-needed addition to all our Spotify playlists, one sure to kick us out of that end-of-the-week slump we are experiencing. Dark yet truthful, the new album perfectly captures the complexities of all our emotions during the COVID-19 lockdown, a time during which the pair musically reunited. Raised on the sounds of 70’s Progressive Rock, 80’s Hair Metal and 90’s Alternative Grunge, the two artists take us down memory lane with their eccentric rock instrumentals and bold melodic vocals.

Giving us a heavy dose of the band’s journey, the first track “Another Try” tells the story of the artists coming back together after six years apart. With a captivating opening, the artists progress onto their most popular single to date – “King”. A powerful ode to the anxieties surrounding terrible leadership during the beginning of the pandemic, the track packs a punch. Looking to provide us with hope, the pair contemplate a world of sickness and uncertainty that we got to know all too well and pay homage to it with a nine-track-long album, which goes off with a resounding bang.

True artists, the duo have spent years honing in on their sounds with Terminus standing as the fruit of all their hard labour. Taking us through a whirlwind of emotions against the backdrop of hypnotising vocals and enthralling instrumentals, the album promises to keep you mesmerised all summer long.

Head below to listen to Terminus…

PlasticRhinoband · Terminus

Words by
Britany Joseph