The artist releases the sun-soaked single ahead of his upcoming album release.

Ben Cipolla
Ben Cipolla

If you’re looking to be transported into the blissful trance associated with the summer months, Ben Cipolla’s new single, “Golden Hour”, is the track for you. Vibrant yet chilled, soulful yet tender, “Golden Hour” effortlessly depicts the rising artist’s ability to serve up the sounds associated with tranquillity.

Effortlessly blending mellow guitar lines, shuffling beats, and a warming bass with his delicate vocals, Cipolla effortlessly captures a sense of pure serenity and freedom. Encompassing musical depth and complexity, the track serves as the ultimate summer evening listen.

“‘Golden Hour’ is about pocketing those calm, peaceful moments whilst on holiday and getting sun-kissed amongst the most gorgeous city views. It is also about escaping to a place of tranquillity after being bombarded with so much noise and morning frustration,” divulges the jazz and indie-pop artist when discussing his latest release.

With the track also featuring as the lead single on his upcoming album Casa Mia, it is safe to say that the summer is well and truly Cipolla’s.

Head below to stream “Golden Hour”…

Words by
Sophie Arundel