The two brands are switching up the game of streetwear with brand new logos and wildflower embroidery.

United by their shared philosophy that people should always come before the product, the partnership between Lee and The Hundred has undoubtedly been a powerful force within the world of streetwear. And, as though they could hear our inner wants, the brands have collaborated once again, releasing their second collection of retro-inspired outfits.

Adorned with spring and summer-ready embroidery that adds an element of elegance to their edgy appeal, the capsule holds high-waisted dad jeans spotted with daisy accents, boxy t-shirts with graphic logos, and oversized pullover hoodies. Marking a departure from Lee’s usual bold and Westernised aesthetic, the partnership draws in a fresh feel that is equally upbeat and cheerful.

With each top in the collection boasting an exclusive box logo at the front and “Blood, Sweat and Years” across the back, the pieces have both brands pulsing through its DNA — creating a union that is totally equal, making for a refreshing and harmonious start to the new season.

To shop the full collection, head to lee.com now…