Dove Cameron, The Kooks and Ashley Kutcher take the lead in this week’s playlist round-up.

Dove Cameron – “Breakfast”

She might be known as a Disney girl first and foremost, but Dove Cameron is putting her sugar-coated facade to bed in her hot new single, “Breakfast”. As menacing as it is mischievous, the track opens with a string-heavy soundscape that gradually gives way to Dove’s chocolate-dipped vocals. Asserting her power over unsuspecting men, she sings, “I eat boys like you for breakfast”. Once again, Dove is unwavering in her ability to plunge us under her spell with little to no resistance.

The Kooks – “Cold Heart”

Until this new music Friday, we didn’t realise just how much our souls craved a revisit to the indie-pop playlists of our past. From the upbeat and cutting “Naive” to the soulful “Junk of the Heart”, The Kooks have always had their special way of playing on our eardrums while leaving us with an extra groove in our step. And now, dropping a brand new single from their forthcoming sixth studio album, we can melt into the sugary melody of “Cold Heart”. Disco-fevered with elements of beach-side percussion, “Cold Heart” boasts all the biting lyricism of a lover scorned, yet still gets our hips swaying well into the weekend.

Ashley Kutcher – “Emotionless”

Velvety vocals, guitar-led melodies and tear-jerking lyrics: by now, we are well and truly acquainted with the heartbroken tunes of 23-year-old singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher. Marking her third single of the year, Ashley drops “Emotionless” — a spellbinding effort that captures the sorrow, anger and denial that comes to blow at the end of a relationship. Admirably vulnerable throughout, “Emotionless” ironically gets its listeners deep in its feels. And though the tracks music video might show Ashley saving face at a martini-infused dinner party, we hope Kutcher never loses her ability to channel her emotions into the heartbreak anthems that will comfort us for a lifetime.

Isabella Lovestory – “Cherry Bomb”

There is no one that can switch up the mood quite like Isabella Lovestory, and making sure it stays that way, the singer has released her energy-charged feel-good single, “Cherry Bomb”. Oozing sensual energy with a dash of self-empowerment, “Cherry Bomb” incorporates Isabella’s addictively unapologetic attitude with her ear for bouncing beats. And while it might be spontaneous storms and showers in London, in Isabella’s world, it is clear skies, strobe lights with the temperature on high.

AREEJ – “Hostage”

Led by an intoxicating saxophone, AREEJ takes us all “Hostage” for her latest release. Hacked from her EP “G.B.O.F”, AREEJ arrests her audience with honey-suckled vocals and soothing harmonies that catapult you into the moody lighting of an underground jazz bar. Speaking of her inspiration behind the track, she explains, “I’d lost complete hope in humanity and all things in life. I naively let the wrong people in which evidently led to my ship being sunk. Trying to get back up to what seems like forever, this EP depicts a time where I was drowning and still fighting for my freedom, as I’d encountered someone who preyed on nothing except my demise.”

The Aces – “Girls Make Me Wanna Die”

While the title of the track might have made us do a double-take, The Aces’ new single “Girls Make Me Wanna Die” instantly puts you at ease. Hearkening back to the complicated angst resulting from unrequited love, this queer anthem proves to be some of The Aces’ most relatable bodies of work yet — rejoicing in our mutual misfortunes while leaving us feeling surprisingly upbeat.

Layke – “XOXO”

Keeping up the sparkling pop streak, we have Layke’s bouncy new track, “XOXO”. Charming in sound and witty in lyricism, “XOXO” boasts the facade of a child-friendly anthem while managing to pique our interest at every bar with sharp beats and empowering themes. Oozing with Layke’s unwavering energy and contagious optimism, “XOXO” just provided us with the perk we needed to charge into our Friday nights.

Sam Olyott – “Cold Toast”

“I really enjoyed writing ‘Cold Toast’. I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve written so I hope you like it,” says Sam Olyott on his new single. And though our eyeballs might have leaked slightly upon our first listen — we can attest that we did, in fact, like it. Overflowing with raw emotion and poignant lyrics, “Cold Toast” is the ultimate post-breakup package — yet reminds us of all the reasons we would be more than willing to fall in love and do it all over again.

Eddie Benjamin ft. Alessia – “Only You”

Closing out our Wonderlist in the best way we know how, we end with Eddie Benjamin’s collaborative effort with Alessia Cara, titled “Only You”. Underpinned by a soul-shaking base, the track instantly gets hips swaying and heads bopping along to the heartfelt exchange between two people in love. Refreshingly light and irresistibly danceable, “Only You” will be playing on loop on our commute home this evening.


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