The Beyhive is abuzz as the musical sensation wipes her social profile pictures and teases a new album.


The art of debuting a new musical era is one that has become increasingly subtle over the years. From Harry Styles’ ominous Twitter account alluding to the now infamous Harry’s House to FKA Twig’s Caprisongs TikTok reveal, the surprise unveilings and unsuspecting album drops from our favourite artists have, let’s face it, been ruling our lives for a while now. And, while all of this suspense may become a little too much for some of you, we are here to let you know that it is not over just yet. ‘Why’? We hear you cry! Well, while it may not be official, it looks like Beyoncé is back.

Taking to her social accounts last week, the musical sensation decided to wipe all of her profile pictures. As odd as this move may seem at first, it won’t take you long to remember that, in the past, a social clean-out of this magnitude has usually only ever meant one thing – new music is on the way. And, with Beyoncé’s Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube DPs all gone, it is fair to say that we are revelling in the potential and excitement hanging in the air.

And, to add fuel to the already raging fire that has been ignited, the forever-dedicated members of the Beyhive have uncovered another clue – after some quite intense digging, we might add. If you search up’beyonce.com/album/b7 ‘ a suspicious message reads, ‘WE BROKE THE INTERNET. TRY AGAIN’.

A coincidence? An accident? Is Beyoncé having a social clean-out, unrelated to any new music? While the truth is yet to come out, it is safe to say that we will be keeping a close eye on Bey from now on.