The ethereal artist drops the celestial music video for her newest release.


The Monday blues are a little stronger than usual thanks to today riding off of a four day weekend. But fear not, as we are here to provide you with some much-needed escapism in the form of Hēir’s “Vertigo”. An ethereal tune that promises to enchant thanks to its all-consuming atmospheric production and the Russian singer’s other-worldly tone, we can guarantee that the woes of the real world will feel like a very distant memory upon first listen.

“‘The difficulty in maintaining balance and the fear of letting go. The song symbolises the transformation we experience as soon as we leave a relationship behind, when we feel lost yet attracted to a new beginning and the unknown,” explains the artist when discussing her newest release and the meaning behind the tune. “The sample within the song is meant to simulate a video game, where you fall and get back up until you pass onto the next level. ‘Vertigo’ is the jump to the new level.”

And, the accompanying music video is as out-of-this-world as the track itself. With the artist taking to a set of escalators underneath a celestial sky, the project promises to transport viewers away from their desks and into the depths of Hēir’s sweet-sounding and slightly trippy world.

To listen to “Vertigo”, head below…